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Purity 12 Colon Cleanse Reviews

Rated: 9.33 out of 10

Core Cleanse: best colon cleanse solution The Purity 12 product is marketed as effective for fat burning and colon cleansing, and it puts emphasis on its probiotic capabilities as being beneficial in creating a hostile environment in the body for parasites, worms, and bacteria. Purity 12 is billed as a more gentle approach to colon cleansing and a way to shed weight while bringing the system back into balance. While these claims are good to make, Purity 12 seems to provide less of the colon cleansing capability than many other colon cleansing products currently available.Purity 12

Purity 12 ingredients

The ingredients in Purity 12 are promoted as all-natural with no negative side effects and include:

  • Probiotics Bacterium
  • Bromelain
  • Mangosteen
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG)
  • Papaya Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Blueberry Extract
  • Citrus Bioflavinoids
  • Ginger Root

While these ingredients can provide benefits to the body, the probiotics are usually used more for promoting general digestive health than for traditional colon cleansing and are readily available elsewhere at a fraction of the cost of Purity 12. The other ingredients are general antioxidants which aid in general health, but are not specifically geared toward actual cleansing of the colon. Purity 12 would be more effectively called a general body rejuvenation supplement than a colon cleanser.

Does Purity 12 work?

Users of Purity 12 may feel better due to enhanced digestive health, but the ingredients in Purity 12 indicate that it is more toward the diet pill end of the spectrum than it is toward the colon cleansing end. The product is billed as being more gentle than other colon cleansing products, which is likely true, since the ingredients have little fiber or other ingredients which would act as a true colon cleanser. It probably isn't as effective as most of the other available colon cleansing products currently on the market, and there is no scientific evidence that the product will actually work. You can buy Purity 12 at

Purity 12 scam

The company behind the Purity 12 product line has received a number of customer complaints. Many people are upset that they ordered their "free" sample, and instead of receiving the sample, saw large additional charges on their credit card bill for other regular-sized shipments of Purity 12. Other customers have indicated that they never ordered the Purity 12 product, but were still charged on their credit card. Still others have complained about difficulties in reaching a customer service representative. In addition, the very fine print on the Purity 12 website indicates that anyone purchasing the product is also releasing all of their information to the company for them to sell to whomever they please. Given these facts, it is no surprise that the Better Business Bureau has rated Purity 12 with an "F" based on the number and type of complaints received about Purity 12's business practices.

Purity 12 Consumer Reviews

"This Purity 12 scam link says it all. Unfortunately, I was one of the people who requested a free sample of the product and ended up with unauthorized credit card charges. The Purity 12 scam was worsened by the fact that the colon cleanser didn't even work all that well. This is the first product review I've ever written, but I want to strongly caution people to avoid buying Purity 12."

--I.V., Wheeling, WV

"If I listed all of the negative aspects of Purity 12, I'd end up writing a very long review. Simply put, this product is not at all effective in a colon-cleansing capacity. It performs decently as a diet supplement, but does not regulate bowel movements or purify the body as the manufacturers claim. Purity 12 is also rather expensive in comparison to other colon cleansers that probably work better."

--N.Q., Albuquerque, NM

"There are good reasons why Purity 12 is widely regarded as a scam among colon cleansing products. The formula does nothing to promote colon health, it's nearly impossible to get in touch with anyone who works in the customer service department, and the company has a horrible BBB rating. Stick with a colon cleanser that actually works, such as Core Cleanse, and run far away from Purity 12!"

--L.U., Savannah, GA

"I may have liked Purity 12 better if I had been looking for a diet pill rather than a colon cleanser, but I was really hoping to find a product that would regulate my bathroom habits. Purity 12 isn't that product."

--P.T., Eugene, OR

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