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The most important step to:

  • Lose weight
  • Boost energy
  • Unclog colon
  • Reduce bloating
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Flush impacted fecal matter
  • Cleanse lymphatic system
  • Improve colon health
  • Detoxify!
  • Revitalize!
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Core Cleanse: best colon cleanse solutionDetoxification has been practiced since the ancient times and by cultures around the globe. It is the process of cleansing your body from the inside out, removing all impurities and toxins then revitalizing your body with nutritional foods.

Body Detoxification

Simply put, body detoxification is the practice of clearing toxins from your body. Detoxification is done by eliminating impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for removal. The body also removes toxins and other wastes through your colon, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. Body detoxification is necessary due to the overload of toxins from pollution, chemicals, stress, and poor dietary choices.

Detoxification Program

In order to begin a detoxification program you need to eliminate the harmful toxins that you have been consuming. That means stop drinking alcohol and coffee, quit smoking cigarettes or cigars and no chewing tobacco, cut out the refined sugars and saturated fats, and no more fast food or processed food such as the meals already prepared and found in the frozen food and boxed section of the supermarket. Read labels and don't by foods full of ingredients that you cannot pronounce, or those containing artificial colors and flavors. Read more about detoxification diet.

Your detoxification program should include reducing the harmful chemical-based cleaning products that you use in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. A thorough detoxification program will include replacing your personal care products - shampoo, deodorant, soap and toothpaste - with all natural alternatives. Many more “green” products are now available that are less harmful to the environment and to you and your family.

Foot Detoxification

Is it possible to detoxify through the feet? Do those Kinoki foot detoxification pads really work? Read about detox foot pads.

Detoxification and Stress

For proper detoxification of the body you should also decrease the amount of stress in your life. Stress causes your body to release hormones and when you are stressed out for most of the week, your body becomes overloaded with these hormones and they start to create toxins, which negatively impact your liver. The consequences are that your liver cannot effectively process the toxins that should be removed from your body.

Take the FIRST step to cleaning your colon

Cleansing your colon starts with eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of water. This helps keep you regular and puts your body back on track.

But your body can't do it all.

When you're ready to cleanse your body of toxins and undigested food, then you're ready to take the next step in colon cleansing. Keep in mind that colon cleansing isn't for everyone – only for those who want optimal health.

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